Spiritual Practice

The practice of spirituality - whether giving thanks before a meal or celebrating a holiday (holyday)- reminds us to live our beliefs and values such that they are an integral part of life and the world we co-create.

To the right you will find links to wizdUUm resources on spiritual practice.  As always, you are invited to contribute to our collection. The two major wizdUUm projects currently are:

Rehnberg Memorial Stained-glass window
Rehnberg Memorial Window from the UU church in Rockford, IL.

wizdUUm Blogs on Spirituality

Beatitudes and Black Lives Matter . . .

Union of Black Episcopalians Fourth Lenten Service

There is something about Episcopalian services, or black church, or good music. Once a decade or two I experience that je ne sais quoi that puts me over the edge. Perhaps it is just my own intensely spiritual experiences have been in the Catholic and Episcopal churches.

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