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Several congregations choose monthly themes to help organize their worship and other activities. I'm thinking of insituting something similar for  Below are a few that I know of.  Does your congregation/group use monthly themes?  Do you find them to be helpful?  Which themes resonate with you and why? 

Joyce: Lifelong UU (sort of)

Joyce Dowling here - lifelong UU. My "Saved by My Faith" aka "Childhood Empowerment" story is here:

I have also written about my beliefs: and "Social Justice Work - My motivation and overcoming problems":

They're all old and might need updating.

I love networking with fellow UUs and consider myself a UUvangelist. :)

wizdUUm Is Looking for UU Story-Tellers

Is there a story that you tell repeatedly about Unitarian Universalism?  wizdUUm is looking for your stories! 

We're looking for stories in print form but that have been told verbally, NOT a dry something one would read in a history text book.  Remember, a good story will show some kind of obstacle being overcome and/or growth in the protagonist(s).  A good UU story would inspire us to be better UUs, better people.  Ideally, we're lookig for stories of people who said, "Yes" to a challenge.  If the story can be attached to a specific date, that's even better (but not necessary).

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First and foremost, rest assured that contributors retain rights to any content they've authored.  By sharing it with the wizdUUm community, you give wizdUUm the right to display your writing/creation for the use of the wizdUUm community.

Anyone with a wizdUUm account can do the following without asking for admin permssion.

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To share additional resources with the wizdUUm community, you must have a wizdUUm account and admin must have changed your user permissions to allow you to create further content. is back online

After a five year hiatus, is back online!  With special thanks to the Fahs Collaborative for its support.

The New Jim Crow

Michelle Alexander spoke to an audience of over 600 people at Justice General Assembly 2012 in Phoenix about her book, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness.  In it she describes how our criminal justice system is being used to perpetuate a racial caste system via the racial profiling, criminalization, and mass incarceration of African Americans and other people of color.

Read more about it here:

Introducing... Me!

Hello everyone! My name is Jenn and I joined this site in the hopes of finding more like minded people to share my journey with. I was "raised" in a Lutheran church but attended only here and there, when my parents were in the "mood" for church. In my teen years, my father remarried to a woman who believed she was very religious. I say that because she didn't live a life that in any way was a faithful life, she just attended a Wesleyan Church every Sunday. Church was forced upon me for a few years and I rebelled. As a result I essentially grew up without any real answers on religion and was left to come up with my own beliefs. Looking back, I couldn't have asked for a better situation honestly. I feel blessed to not have had religion and beliefs forced upon me and to have been left to make my own decisions and choices.


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