The Legacy of David

  based on 2 Samuel 13 - The rape of Tamar.

  It was on the steps of the courthouse - right out in front where everyone could see. Tami was the one with the gun. Tami was the one with the rawest pain and anger. But there was plenty of pain and anger to go around. So after Tami shot Andy on the steps of the courthouse, in the middle of the afternoon, in front of God and everyone, the other women attacked Andy like a flashmob. He was already on the ground, but they continued to beat him with fists and feet. He was dead by the time the ambulance arrived.

    The women didn’t go to the courthouse with a plan to kill Andy Duke. They went with the hopes of seeing Andy Duke sent to prison. They went with the hopes of finally receiving justice for all the indignities that they had suffered at the hands of Andy Duke. Andy Duke had been raping and abusing women in Bakersville with impunity for years. Andy Duke was a beloved son of a city father, a star athlete. “Boys will be boys,” people would say every time Andy got into trouble. Sure, boys will be boys. Beating up women. And raping dates.

    Tami’s father, too, was a city father. David Kingman and Reggie Duke were practically brothers - and they had been wild boys themselves in their younger years. That’s what the townspeople called it - sowing wild oats. David and Reggie both had their way with more than a few women. “You know they wanted it,” the men would say. “She led me on,” or “I couldn’t help myself - you saw how she was dressed.” So it really wasn’t that surprising that Andy grew up to understand that women were his for the taking. And that’s what he did.

    Andy took women whenever he wanted them. Andy took women whether they wanted him to or not. And if the women complained, Andy would say that they led him on. Andy would say that they were really sluts who were lying. And people believed him. Until Tami.

    Tami was practically his sister. Tami and Andy had known each other all their lives. Andy had wanted her for a long time, and one day, Andy acted. One day, Andy raped Tami, and Tami didn’t back down the way other women had. Tami called the police. Tami pressed charges. Tami demanded justice. Andy got arrested.

    The women whom Andy had been terrorizing were relieved. Finally, they thought, they would see some justice. They went to the courtroom every day. They watched the trial. Andy tried to say that Tami wanted it. Andy tried to say that Tami was a slut. Andy tried to say that Tami lied. But in the end, the jury believed Tami. Andy could barely believe it. He had been convicted. But then came the judge.

    The judge was also a city father. The judge knew Andy’s father, and Tami’s father. The judge had sown wild oats in his own youth. The judge told Andy that he used poor judgement. The judge told Andy that he’d better wise up or he’d end up in big trouble. The judge decided that sending Andy to prison would ruin a promising young life. The judge let Andy go.

    That’s when the women began to wail in the courtroom. Tami ran out. She ran out and she got the gun that she’d been carrying with her since Andy raped her. She came back to the steps of the courthouse and she waited for Andy, and when Andy appeared, she shot him. She looked right at him and she shot him. And then the other women let out their anger as well. And Andy was dead.

    The police arrested Tami, and the other women demanded to be arrested as well. They said that they all killed Andy. They all stood by Tami. The city fathers did not claim that they were sowing wild oats.

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