Bio: Erica Shadowsong

I’m a storyteller and Unitarian Universalist religious education professional.  I’m spiritually a pagan, and I have also been a Christian.  I’m a singer and musician, writer and artist, and I use the word “artist” as Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way uses it, to denote a sense of spiritual path, not simply a profession or activity.  I am every inch an artist, and in college, I was a student of folklore. 

Folklore is what led to the connection of everything I do in my life, and especially storytelling.  What little I learned of folklore as a discipline was what gave depth and rootedness to signs, symbols, archetypes, colors, rituals, habits, music, behavior, story.  The very deepening I have always sought in spiritual practice and relationship with the Sacred has often been found by applying the folklore lens as a tool; by assuming that everything has meaning, vital meaning, I believe one will always find that the breadcrumbs actually aren’t there by accident.

Blessed synchronicity.

I’m a storyteller, and so are you.  Meaning making is what we do, every second of every day…or at least, that’s what I believe.  I invite readers to join me in exploring the rich meaning of the mundane, the foolish, the desperate, the epic, the childish, the imaginative, the explorative.

Influences and Interests
world religions, neo-paganism, folklore studies, studies in applied storytelling, The Artist's Way, The Psychic Pathway and intuitive pathworking, music as a healing art and sound healing studies, world mythology, sacred texts, ritual, activism

Director of Religious Education (Unitarian Universalist)
Professional Storyteller, spoken word, poet, singer and songwriter, acting and historical reenactment enthusiast

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