Why We Can't All Just Get Along

Today in the blogosphere, I came face to face with why it is that we can't all just get along. Because our views of the same exact event are so fundamentally different, and because there is so much misinformation out there.

The House Committee on Foreign Affairs has scheduled a markup hearing to consider funding the reauthorization the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). Of the money, one-third of it is earmarked for "abstinence only" (until marriage) programs, even tho studies show that "abstinence only" fails to prevent the spread of HIV. Some of those who support continuing this earmark hosted a press conference on Capitol Hill yesterday to say so. Some of those who want the earmarks removed, such as the UUA, so that all of the money can go to comprehensive programs, staged a counter protest of sorts, standing behind the speakers with signs.

Here are blog posts about it from R H Reality Check and the UUA's Washington Office. (You can see my colleague in the back in the red, holding up a sign.)

I can understand that there is a serious difference of opinion here. Some of us think it's morally important to teach people to wait until marriage for sex, and some of us just want to provide the information that will best prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS without judgment as to whether and when people should have sex.

But still, here's how a pro-lifer site presented the exact same event: Concerned Women for America - Help Africa, Save PEPFAR

I'm really appalled that they characterized us as the "abortion lobby." And by the claim that we're trying to take money away from good Christians providing "health care" to poor Africans so that we can fund abortions. First of all, how is their preaching abstinence only considered "health care"? Second, we want COMPREHENSIVE SEX ED, meaning teach the people about condoms instead of preaching at them to wait for marriage. If they allowed the teaching of condom use there wouldn't be as many abortions! Who is it that is truly against abortions?

How can there be any hope of compromise if we can't even characterize each other's positions fairly?

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