Association Sunday

Today was Association Sunday. The UUA has encouraged congregations across the continent to set aside this one Sunday to devote to strengthening the association as a whole. This includes giving sermons about being a UU and making donations to help our denomination grow. Being the ragtag crew of radical individualists that UUs are, the concept is a bold and novel one. Today was in large part due to the leadership of our President, Bill Sinkford. I don't think that even five years ago we could have contemplated the idea of doing anything as such a collective identity.

Having said that, my congregation, All Souls Church, Unitarian, chose not to participate. Instead, I got in my truck (yes, I drive a gas guzzler; if someone wants to buy me a new fuel-efficient car I would be very grateful.) and drove down a little ways to Davies Memorial UU Church in Camp Springs, MD. Davies Memorial was named after A. Powell Davies, one of All Souls' most influential ministers. Like All Souls, it is racially diverse and had recently won a "breakthrough congregation" award signifying notable growth. I had been meaning to pay them a visit.

A a representative of the UUA, I explained what Association Sunday was for, made a pitch for money (I hate that!), and then sat down to hear the Rev. John Crestwell preach. And John was on fire!! He preached a sermon that warmed the cockles of this evangelical UUs heart - talking about how he is sick of listening to the radio and only hearing the conservative Christian message as being the voice of religion, he is sick of driving by conservative Christian mega-churches and seeing the packed parking lots. Why aren't our parking lots packed? Why aren't we growing at the same rate? Why don't we, as Unitarian Universalists, let others know about us? The fact is that we have a saving message, a message that the world needs to hear. Go out, he exhorted his congregation, and spread the word. Identify yourself as a UU and invite people to church. Let them see for themselves what we are like.

Can I get an Amen?

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