Jesus On The Mainline Fran

Om Prakash Gilmore
Dedicated to Fran Gilmore And You

Light and love are the revolutions of the heart
gone mad
when sanity is hard and cold.

To dance with God in the midst of the fire singing
Mary Had a Little Lamb, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,
and Jesus on the Main line Tell Him What You Want,
is sheer folly leading to liberation.

When you dance with me, this foolish man
who thinks that he has kissed the Beloved,
you enter into a revolution that has been happening
since the nothingness,
in its dissatisfaction,
decided that it needed to become
stars, galaxies, planets, and that wonder called you.

And we do dance together in the Beloved's heart
creating songs and new dance steps to entertain ourselves
as we reweave light and love into a tapestry of
life eternal.

We pull aside the curtain and enter the holiest of
holies, the doorway, your sincere smile and your
laugh as I tickle you in the most deep recesses of
your soul where you don't usually allow anyone to

Don't be shy, my friend.
You, and I, and the Beloved are one
so I have seen all of your tender parts before.

Om Prakash
Copyright March 2012

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